Professor Fowler made me feel so respected and safe in her classroom… She was also constantly pushing us to work harder and was more than willing to go over things we didn’t understand once or even two more times. She made sure I walked out of her course with a strong set of skills I will be able to use for the rest of my life.Anonymous student evaluation

Teaching Philosophy

My artistic pursuit is rooted in the desire to actualize theatrical work.

All of my experience as the founder of a theatre company, a performer, and a director feeds into my work as an educator. I lead by example. I teach skills that are not just valuable to the student who intends to go into the profession, but also to the student who will choose a different career path. The practical experience gained by learning how to critically think and write about a piece of theatre, to perform, to work in an inclusive environment, to direct and produce, is invaluable. As a professional, I find it an honor and important responsibility to instill a passion for the theatre in our future generations of artists and audiences.

Specific to performance, I have developed a Stanislavski-based pedagogy that sequentially incorporates voice, movement, improvisation, ensemble/group work, partner connection, and scene study which flows into more polished, directorial performances. Supplementing Stanislavski’s text, I incorporate methodologies and exercises from Linklater, Yoga, Viewpoints, Spolin, Movement to Music, and Meisner. I use my own performance training as a foundation to teach non-performance classes. Students are guided to actualize theory into production while growing their personal viewpoint and aesthetic. I empower students to become citizens of the world. It is essential that students learn how to contextualize and articulate responses from within themselves. I encourage the development of empathy so that students can thoughtfully respond to material and events outside of their experience.

Outside the classroom, I continue to keep the student’s best interests in focus. When directing student productions, I am committed to the student’s growth. I encourage collaboration as well as in-depth discussion about translating what is cultivated in the classroom into production. In theatre, I believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I cultivate ensemble and insist on bringing all participants to the table in an effort to create the best production possible. As a mentor, I guide students during their transition into the professional world. I also supervise internships in development, front of house, audience engagement, marketing, fundraising, directing, and stage managing.

My hope is that students learn as performers to participate with open passion and skill in the ritual storytelling known as theatre. As theatre makers, to craft work that is interesting and authentic so that it may make a cultural impact on our audiences. And as theatregoers, to uphold the tradition of theatre as a vital part of our community, cultural identity, and legacy.